Департамент культуры города Москвы
Учреждение, подведомственное Департаменту культуры города Москвы
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Yuri Dmitrievich Kuklachev was born in 1949 in Moscow and since childhood dreams to be a clown. He spends seven years trying to enter the Circus Academy, but fails with a sentence “no talent”. And Yuri Dmitrievich decides to prove the world he can be an artist. His will and desire to appear on the circus arena are enormous.

Yuri Kuklachev starts his education, attending public circus of “Krasniy Oktyabr” public circus in the evenings, where M.M. Zinger and I.S. Friedman become his teachers. Yuri Dmitrievich spends nearly all his time in rehearsal and self-training and in two years becomes a laureate of the All-Union amateur art contest. During the concert, taking place in the Moscow circus in 1967, Kuklachev impresses circus academy teachers, and they invite him to their educational institution.

Yuri Dmitrievich appears to have proven everyone he can be a circus artist. All he needs to do is learning and perfecting his skills, but bad luck is waiting round the corner. Two months before official start of his training in the academy Yuri Dmitrievich seriously injures his leg.

Yuri Kuklachev comes to the academy with the help of crutches, causing bad attitude of the academy’s head, who cannot imagine a “disabled clown” and tries to get rid of an unwanted student for four long years. However, Yuri Kuklachev again proves that he’s a great artist despite his injured leg – he creates a comedy sketch, where uses balls, hat and circles for juggling. His next short performance is an equilibrist on coils, in which he replaces coils with household appliances. His performances become popular in the academy. In 1971 Yuri Kuklachev graduates from the circus academy with “clown, parodist and acrobat” written in his diploma.

The same year Yuri Kuklachev marries a wonderful clown Elena, who becomes his partner. However, Yuri is discontent with his clown image. Yuri Kuklachev wants to be different from any other clown on our planet and starts desperately seeking for his own way in life. Yuri needs a unique character for his further work.

Well, life itself shows Yuri the way. One day on his way back home from the circus Kuklachev hears strange sounds in the bushes near the road. He heads for the bushes and finds a little kitten there. Evil owners must have thrown a poor creature out. Yuri Dmitrievich feels sorry for the cat and brings it home. Yuri and his wife Elena do their best to make the animal healthy and happy again. They call him “Kutka”. Since that moment Yuri Kuklachev never parts with his cats.

The world still wonders how Yuri Dmitrievich manages to train cats. Mass media’s favourite questions are about his training methods. Yuri Dmitrievich reveals his secrets:

«My cat training technique is very simple. It lacks violence. Any one, who watches my performance, clearly understands it, because a cat at stage approaches me voluntarily, “kisses” me and shows that it feels very comfortable with me. Everything starts as a game, in which I watch animals attentively, notice their peculiar features and encourage them to repeat their tricks with the help of tender and attentive attitude. Animals themselves tell me what they like to do. All I have to do is inventing a story, explaining their tricks”.

The sketch “Cat and Cook” makes a great impression on the audience, and all countries of the world stand in a queue to invite Yuri Dmitrievich to their theatres.

In 1976 in Canada Yuri Dmitrievich Kuklachev was awarded “Clowns’ Golden Crown” and the diploma for “treating animals with care and propaganda of humanism”. Yuri Dmitrievich also becomes a goodwill ambassador, which causes a strong response in the artist’s soul. Since that time Kindness becomes the leading character in Yuri Kuklachev’s performances. Kuklachev travels to the United States, Puerto-Rico, Germany, Argentina, Peru France and Japan. In Japan Yuri Kuklachev is awarded “Golden Oskaz” prize, the audience choice award. In 1980 Yuri Kuklachev becomes a prizewinner of the Lenin Young Communist League and the Honoured Artist. After presentation of “Circus in my luggage” performance Yuri Kuklachev receives the title of People’s Artist.

In 1989 Yuri Dmitrievich decides to open his own theatre, and the Moscow government presents him “Prizyv” cinema building for this purpose. February 23 of 1990 is the birth day of a private theatre for children.

Yuri Kuklachev and his wife Elena have three children. Their elder son Dmitry is a wonderful clown, he is a premier in the theatre and directs his own performances.
The daughter, Ekaterina Kuklacheva, works as an art director of the theatre. Their younger son, Vladimir, is a premier dancer in a ballet theatre.

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