Департамент культуры города Москвы
Учреждение, подведомственное Департаменту культуры города Москвы
Русская версия


Dmitry Yurievich Kuklachev was born in 1975 in Moscow. Dmitry Kuklachev starts his education at circus academy and continues training at Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, previously known as the State Institute of Theatre Arts.

One may say Dmitry was born on a circus arena, and his fate was predestined. However, in his interviews Dmitry says he wasn’t interested in his father’s occupation till the time had come. Of course, Dmitry eagerly watched circus performances, when he was a child, but he never imagined himself of being a clown... Only when Dmitry finishes eight grade of a secondary school at the age of 13, he decides to enter the circus academy. Dmitry doesn’t tell his father, a world-famous clown, about his intentions and even keeps his family name a secret. If I do it, I’ll do it myself, decides Dmitry. He is admitted to the academy and starts hard work, developing various stunts and learning difficult circus science. Dmitry devotes his spare time to his father and with time becomes an active participant of the father’s performances. The audience recognizes Dmitry Kuklachev as an independent artist, not as a son of the genius father. His untutored artistic impression, charm and fantastic improvisation talents attract audience’s attention at once. In 1991 his debut performance in Great Britain wins Dmitry “Golden Cat” Prize. Dmitry becomes most original cat artist of the year in Great Britain, and he’s only 16 at that moment. However, Dmitry is restless – being curious about everything, he works, reads, watches films and shows of other artists and finally decides to create his own performance. Having a solid character, Dmitry wants to learn to be a director and enters director faculty of the State Institute of Theatre Arts. First performance is born in pain – Dmitry Kuklachev dedicates three years to his “child”, despite the fact 24 hours are enough for him to write a script for the show. The performance, named “My favourite cats”, becomes Dmitry’s diploma project in his institute, and he gets the highest mark during its defense..

Today Dmitry Kuklachev is a premier of cats’ theatre. He successfully continues his father’s mission and develops the show. Up to 70 cats participate in his performances. Dmitry Kuklachev is a director of two self-written shows – “My favourite cats” and “Cat Boris’s Olympic Games” – and is busy with last preparations for another cat show – brand new “Icy Fantasy” performance.
Dmitry Yurievich is a frequent guest on TV – he is welcomed in many TV shows, such as “Poka vse doma (When Everyone is at Home)”, “Malakhov+”, “V mire zhivotnykh (Animal Kingdom)” and etc. Dmitry Kuklachev is a stunt director in advertisements of leading cat food brands, as well as in “Master and Margarita” TV series, where furry cat theatre star Varter plays cat Behemoth. This is what Dmitry says about his cooperation with Vladimir Bortko, film director: “Mr. Bortko came to our theatre and asked for a black cat to play in several scenes. Alas, since we usually work with black background, we do not have black cats in our staff. During two long months we were looking for a suitable cat. Not any cat could do – it should have been a mixture of two pedigrees – British and Siberian. Luckily our theatre was playing in Nizhnevartovsk. When I entered the theatre building, I noticed a great black cat. My first move was to pass it by, but it suddenly struck me – this was our actor, this cat was Behemoth. I quickly returned to the lobby, but saw no sign of the cat. I asked the theatre staff about it, and they told me that the cat was homeless, but frequented them for lunch. The theatre guard successfully caught it, and the animal proved to be talented – it took part in the film and now works with us”.

Dmitry Kuklachev’s latest hobby is cinema – he has already shot two films: “Theatre and its Tales” and “Cats Only”, in both he plays the leading man. Dmitry actively contributes to “School of Kindness” project – four episodes of this film were released on DVD and became very popular. Dmitry has written the book for children, “Cat Alphabet”.

Dmitry Kuklachev and his Cat theatre successfully tour Russian cities, as well as foreign countries, such as Great Britain, Italy, Israel, the USA, Mexico and Japan.